Sunday, January 3, 2010

For the Second Time Around

So I said on my lj that I was going to do this, uh I guess month of learning about me. I think I will do it here instead. I’m three days behind so for the first post I will catch up. Here’s the list:

day 01 → your favourite song
day 02 → your favourite movie
day 03 → your favourite television program
day 04 → your favourite book
day 05 → your favourite quote
day 06 → whatever tickles your fancy
day 07 → a photo that makes you happy
day 08 → a photo that makes you angry/sad
day 09 → a photo you took
day 10 → a photo of you taken over ten years ago
day 11 → a photo of you taken recently
day 12 → whatever tickles your fancy
day 13 → a fictional book
day 14 → a non-fictional book
day 15 → a fanfic
day 16 → a song that makes you cry (or nearly)
day 17 → an art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
day 18 → whatever tickles your fancy
day 19 → a talent of yours
day 20 → a hobbie of yours
day 21 → a recipe
day 22 → a website
day 23 → a YouTube video
day 24 → whatever tickles your fancy
day 25 → an object/a belonging
day 26 → a place
day 27 → a poem
day 28 → a food
day 29 → something that makes you amused
day 30 → whatever tickles your fancy

Day 1 – Fav song: I don’t really have one favorite song. Music is life. I love music. All types of music. It varies with my mood, the day, the direction the wind is blowing. When I was younger, my favorite type of music was country. That was pretty much all I listened to. My favorite song back then was Tim McGraw – Don’t Take The Girl. Though I really didn’t know what the name of it was. We used to call it Johnny’s Daddy. We’d call in to the radio station to request it all the time. I remember one DJ getting really mad at us for calling. Then in 8th grade I couldn’t stand country music at all. I was majorly into boy bands, mainly NSYNC. My tastes now vary widely from Eminem to Tech Nine to Pink to Salsa to Zumba to belly dance. My favorite radio stations are The Rock 98.9 and The Alternative 96.5 Though my favorite part of both are the talk shows before and after work.

Day 2 – I think my favorite movie of all time would have to be Miss Congeniality. I love Sandra Bullock. We watch a lot of movies. We just saw Avatar last night, I loved it. Think that has to be one of my favorites. I love Johnny Depp. Sweeney Todd is my favorite of his movies. Phantom of the Opera. I love musicals and being able to sing along with a movie. Like Coyote Ugly and Moulin Rouge. My favorite type of movie is horror movies. Though most don’t scare me, I’ve seen too many. I don’t like gore though.

Day 3 – Once again I really don’t have just one favorite. Probably my fav of all time would be Gilmore Girls. Though the last season sucked without the original writer. Though I heard there’s talk of a movie with the original writer doing it. I hope so!! That would be awesome! Others that are no longer on the air are: Monk, Deadwood, Sex and the City, Dead Like Me, My favorite shows that are currently now are Dexter, Big Love, United States of Tara, Greek, The Big Bang Theory, House, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Ghost Hunters, Family Guy, Psych, Entourage, Weeds, Ghost Whisperer. Probably a lot more I’m not thinking of. Like with movies, I love ghosts and ghost stories.

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Angela said...

Andi, you and I kindred spirits. Seriously.