Thursday, March 4, 2010


A guy Lyle, I went to college with wrote this and it’s so true. His insights on the subject are always so true:


KSU-KU fans

Today at 12:31am

Here's the key difference between the typical KU and KSU fan. The typical KSU fan attended the college which they root for. They have something invested that runs much deeper than just pulling on the t-shirt. The average KU fan has never been within 500 feet of a classroom at the University of Kansas. They cheer for the Jayhawks solely based on their winning records. Those that I commiserate with who did attend KU tend to be classy people. It's the people who carry the moniker only because of the championships that are overly boisterous. To the KU fans that can appreciate the fact that Kansas State University has had the best basketball season that most of us have ever seen in our lives, thank you. To those that feel the need to take the two games we've lost to the University of Kansas and rub it in our faces, consider that we were picked to finish seventh in the big 12 this year. So go look at your six conference championships in a row and ask yourself, exactly how is a little bit of competition hurting you?
Congratulations on your conference championship.

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Miranda said...

Hee! I've been a KU fan since I was a tot. Right now I'm attending JCCC but I hope to transfer to KU when i get the money to do so.

But! But, I will say that I have never taken a win against KState for granted. As far as I'm concerned anything can happen when it comes to the Sunflower Showdown...