Saturday, May 15, 2010

Age of Conan

My man plays a lot of video games. And two years ago, when Age of Conan came out, he got me hooked. At first like all other games he played, I thought it was dumb. Then one night, I told him he needed to make a female character, and he said I should make it. So I did and started playing it and got hooked. So for the next 3 months while I was unemployed, that is all I did. If you’ve seen the Episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny and Sheldon play, yea totally me. Though I never went unshowered and gross.  When I went back to working, I stopped playing. Recently an expansion came out for the game and so he wanted to start playing again and got me playing again. It’s kind of sad really. Here is my nerdom:


Yes, that’s me playing AoC on my desktop, with my laptop next to it with my twitter up.


I need help.