Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hail Caesar

A brief conversation from work yesterday

Me: And you can sort by last or first name.
Sam: Or I could just print it off.
Me: Or you could just do that.
Sam: Just call me Tree Killer Sam.
Me: Tree Killer Sam. I’m going to call you that form now on but I’ll shorten it to Tree Killer
Sam: Hail Caesar. Just call me Caesar.
Me: Did Caesar kill a lot of trees?
Sam: Hahah.
Me: What did he?
Sam: Haha. Goodbye A!
Me to Hannah: What? Did he? He acts like I’m the silly one, but this is the stuff I need to know! If Caesar didn’t kill a lot of trees, why would I call him Caesar?!? So did Caesar kill a lot of trees?


Names have been changed to protect myself.