Saturday, May 22, 2010

I hate to say it….

Last night we went to Low Rents to have dinner with my mom. I really haven’t spent much time there before, but I hate to say it, it’s not really that bad of a place. Driving down Mass, reminding me a lot Manhappiness. They just need to get rid of all the ugly imaginary birds all over town, and it would be decent. Driving there, there’s really not much to see than a lot of this:


Then you get into town and there’s this:

P5210992 P5210995 P5210996

Hippies. Lots and lots of Hippies. All the clothing stores on Mass, were hippie clothes. Lots of coffee shops and cafes, people playing drums, guitar, and flute.

We ate here:


So of course I had to get:

P5211006 P5211005

That says “Because without beer, thing do not seem to go as well”

After we ate, we walked around. I saw this and thought of Angela:

P5211042 P5211043 P5211041

I have a lot more to share, but I will continue another day.