Thursday, May 6, 2010

I’m All Alone..

I twitter a lot throughout the day. Today at lunch, I spilled my water all over my desk and phone. Rendering me phoneless for the afternoon. I about died. I kept having thoughts pop into my head and thinking I should tweet that, then damnit, I can’t. I opened my several times to check if I had any new texts, then remembered the battery wasn’t in it.

I’m surprised how well my phone has held up. Every other phone I’ve had, I’ve only had for a year, this one almost three. Though all the others I just wanted a new phone not really needed. I get mad and throw my phone, drop it repeatedly, and it gets water on it. I dont have a fancy phone, I have never really wanted one. It’s crazy that I hear phone addicted to the iPhone, which makes sense, but my is just a simple one. This is my phone:

samsung-u7400It was the longest afternoon ever! I felt so alone and abandoned. It sucked! I missed my tweets.