Monday, March 28, 2011

I’m Back

cocoonSo after months away, I have returned to blog land. I think before I just got jaded and trying to do too much.

I got a new layout which I think is for fitting for my life right now. Growing up, I was pretty much a tom boy. I didn’t have anyone to teach me to put on makeup and didn’t have girlie clothes. My mom never wore make up, and only painted her nails clear. She never wore high heels or fancy shoes. My sister is 13 years older than me so by the time I would be getting into clothes and make up, she was out of the house and married. So all I’ve really ever worn is jeans and t-shirts.

The whole month of February, I filled in the corporate office at work for a lady that was on sick leave. During that time, I had to dress a little nicer, as the president of the company used to be a model, and he was all about appearances. I loved wearing nicer clothes! It made me feel so grown up. Now, I am back working at the other office, and back to wearing jeans and polos to work, as in this office it’s really not practical to wear fancy clothes.

This weekend, I found a friend from college’s blog about nail polish. Seeing her blog made me go out and buy more nail polish as a first step to changing my life. I want to become more girly, wearing make up, nail polish, nicer clothes, do my hair, and all that good stuff. So the new layout is a reflection of that change.

I’ve been telling myself for months that I was going to start blogging again and have not tons of ideas for posts, but obviously never got around it to. I kept telling myself, so next Monday, I will start again. Monday would come and go and I wouldn’t get around to it and so then felt like I had to wait til the next Monday, some reason I felt blogs had to start on Monday or at the beginning of a month. But that’s how we are as humans with everything, “I want to change X about myself, but I can’t start until the New Year.” Or until after the holidays or until after X happens. We all use these type excuses, but nothing can change until we make it, I know it’s cliché but there’s no time like the present and you gotta start some where. This is my start.

I hope to be able to share more of my transformations with you all through the coming months. I also hope to do and show off more crafting and cooking.


Angela said...

I'm so glad that you're back to blogging again, I've really missed your posts. I'm also really excited to see what kind of posts come from the new you; I'm all for my crafty posts!

Miranda said...

Yay Andi! So excited to have someone else who is "blogging again." I'm doing the same thing—trying to, anyway. We can do it together!

I totally understand what it means to try to hard when it comes to blogging—I guess at some point you just have to let go of it all it you're going to get a post written. #thingsineedtotellmyselfmoreoften

Also, the make up thing: I've been trying for weeks to put on nailpolish, but I'm such a tomboy that I'm clumsy with it! I'm sure at some point I'll figure out how to be a little more feminine/graceful about it.