Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ya Know What Scratches My Chalkboard….

Those crazy women that wear make up at the gym.

One day, I walked into the locker room to change clothes to work out. There were two women doing their make up. One said something about putting on 10 layers, I think of eyeliner. How crazy is that? Well of course when I saw them I figured they were done working out and about to leave. Nope. After I was done with my cardio, there they were in the weight area. Why do you wear make up to work out?!? Especially ten layers of it! I hate when I get a towel that has make up stains on it.

And then yesterday, these women were there as usual. One of them was wearing these to work out in:


Well not exactly like this, but pretty much. Why would you wear boots to work out in?!? At least she wasn’t doing cardio, but still just as bad. They have to have horrible arch support. I would think they would hurt your ankles and be hard on the feet. People are crazy.

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ToiletBowlGuy said...

Were they putting make up on each other? How long did you sit there and stare at them? Did it feel weird when you realized that you were checking them out? Why do you get the towels that they used? Did you smell it? I bet it smelled good. Do you fantasize about them when they're not around? How about when they are around? Do you picture yourself riding with them on a wild stallion in an open field? All on the same pony? With Fabio? Can you believe its not butter? Why a I still writing?

Avalon Cat Cartoons said...

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mmc67 said...

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