Monday, June 27, 2011

Moronic Monday

So I had a morning that was too interesting not to share. And make you seem a little smarter.
So this morning I had a doctor's appointment so I decided I would go to the gym before going.
So I get dressed and pack clothes to change into and head off to the gym.
I jump on the treadmill, spend five minutes untangling my headphones.
Then start running.
After a couple of minutes a thought pops into my head.
I forgot to bring new underwear to change into. Crap!
Ok, no big deal. I'll just make sure I'm done in time to go to Wal-Mart first to buy some,
and put them on in the bathroom. I needed a couple other things too.
Problem solved.
So I finish working out and take my shower.
As I am getting dressed, this lady makes a comment about hating going places
after the gym and having to bring clothes to change into cause she always forgets something, like her underwear.
Now, I'm a little uneasy cause I don't know if she said that cause she noticed I didn't have any or what.
So I gave a little nervous laugh, "Oh yea I hate it too. I normally come after work so I don't have to worry about it."
I finish getting dressed and book it out of there.
So, I get to Wal-Mart. I wonder around trying to figure out where they keep the protein shakes.
I finally find them and have everything I need and head to the register.
Pay for my things and then it hits me.
Most Wal-Marts have a bathroom in the front of the store and one at the back.
Not this one.
This one only has one at the back of the store.
So I have to walk clear across the store to make the change.
As I'm doing this, they are having a staff meeting up front doing their Wal-Mart cheer and stuff.
I felt so weird doing so, cause I felt everyone's eyes on me like they knew what I was doing.
I'm sure they didn't just that mind set when this kind of thing happens.
Maybe the cashier, since instead of walking out the front door to leave, I turned around and headed to the back.
So that was my fun start to the week.

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ToiletBowlGuy said...

you must have really wanted to impress your doctor