Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Twelve by Twelve is a heavy timber for a person to carry alone

Woooo. I got through my first twelve posts subjects using quotes or lyrics I found without using the twelve days of Christmas!!!

Day 13 – A Fictional Book

Well I guess I have to say Stephen King’s Bag of Bones since I just finished reading it today. It was really good. A lot of his books have a lot of gore and violence in them but this one didn’t. It had some, but not very much really, considering the author. Though I do admit through most of the book I was expecting a lot of gore and violence to start happening since it normally does. I would recommend any Stephen King book. I love his writing. Though I read a couple he wrote as Richard Bachman, and I didn’t like them. Also, the last book I read was Twilight and it was just drivel. It was so nice to read good writing!

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