Monday, February 22, 2010


Who came up with Mondays? I hate Mondays. I’ve noticed recently on Mondays the end of the work day and the drive home kill me. My head hurts really bad so I have to take a nap, which really doesn’t help much. I took a nap when I got home and my head still hurts. When I was working as a temp end of 2008, Sundays were always bad for me. My head always ached and I just slept all day. The weird part now though is, I feel fine all day until the drive home. It’s a long drive about 45mins. which sucks.

I’m watching the Olympics. I really upset. The only sport I like and really wanna watch is curling (seriously), but of course it’s never on regular NBC and we don’t have cable. And to make matters worse, the cat is trying to eat my foot, owww. Last Olympics I really got into curling. In high school my friend made fun of it, I had never heard of it then. So Ice Dancing is on. Pretty interesting. A Great Britain Couple just skated/danced. They skated to Linkin Park which is pretty cool. But I didn’t like their dance. It was cool that she lifted him up at one point.

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