Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our cat is an elitist

So we have had our kitty for two weeks now. When we first got her, we got several cans of Fancy Feast. The first can I gave her was shrimp and tuna. She ate the shrimp out of it and wouldn’t touch the tuna. So I thought maybe she just doesn’t like tuna. So I gave her a can of beef. It sat for several days before she finally ate it. I guess she got really hungry and out of other food she gave in. I figured at first it was because she was a redneck kitty and this was too fancy for her tastes. We were going to take the rest back but I couldn’t find the receipt and we were going to be late for our movie, so we didn’t. So today I decided to try another can. It was like cod, sole, and some other fish. At first she just licked it, so we put it on a plate. Turns out she was just too fancy for it in the can! Turns out she’s an aristocat. Crazy. So now that we know she is a high class cat, she needs a high class middle name to go along with it.

Yesterday we went to lunch with friends left about 2:30 or so. We needed up not getting home til 11. Miss Kitty got hungry while we were gone and ripped apart a loaf of bread and dragged the rest of the banana bread around the house.

So, way back when, SNL had a skit of the company IT where he treated everyone like crap and that they are stupid and doesn’t know anything. My man works in IT and now I understand why IT treats people like crap, because they are frickin stupid. Here’s what he typed out:

User: I can’t open any of my notes it’s the weirdest thing.
Me: Let me take a look at your screen
Well it looks like you have notes open however you can’t view them Ill go ahead and send you the notes because I can open them on my session.
I’ll take a look at that order to see if it needs to be reconciled
User: Thanks! Let me know if you find anything
Roughly 20 minutes pass
User: I think my entire computer is messed up I cant type in this shared excel document.
Me: Well this is something different you were logged into a server earlier so that problem was specific to your session.
User: Well I don’t know nothing is working today!
Me: Have you restarted your computer lately?
User: I shut all the way down and I still can’t  do anything!
Me: OK Ill take a look at the document.
The document opens with zero issues I am able to type letters and numbers in every field
It suddenly dawns on me.
Is your num lock currently on?
User: Yes its on…
Wait its not on….. I turned it on!

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