Saturday, February 20, 2010


So I have decided to give up pop. Not for lent, I don’t do lent. Just cause pop really isn’t good for you. Even though all I drank was diet pop. That was part of the decision to give up pop, cause I need to drink more water. At home that was all we would drink cause it’s a lot easier to grab to drink than getting a glass and getting water. I haven’t had any pop in about 2 and half weeks. Before I had moved here I hadn’t drank pop for a year. It was a lot easier then. Before I had given up pop because that’s all I was drinking. My dad would get coupons off the bottles and had cases and cases of Dr Pepper. That was all I was drinking. I had a two liter by my bed, by the couch, and one by the computer. After a while I was like wow. I shouldn’t be drinking this much pop, because it was regular Dr. Pepper. We had Diet Dr Pepper too, but back then I just drank regular. This time is a lot harder to give it up. The first week or so I didn’t really notice and it came to me suddenly, hey! I haven’t had any pop in a while! Now the past couple days I’ve seen the pop in the refrigerator and been really tempted to drink it. Like when I got home from work the other night there was some Diet Cream Soda and it looked really good. I was going to have a drink but ended up sitting on the couch and forgetting all about it. Before I got sick of drinking it so it was no problem not drinking it. Now, I wasn’t sick of it but knew I needed to drink more water so it’s so hard.

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