Sunday, February 28, 2010

Subscribe Sunday

For this weeks edition of Subscribe Sunday, it’s Angela.

I picked her because she was the reason I started this new blog. I have had several blogs before. I started blogging in 2002, on blurty. At that time I believe, you had to pay or get a code from someone on livejournal to have one. So I somehow found blurty which was brand new at the time. I believe in was in 2004 I got a livejournal. I think it was also in 2004 I got a xanga. Xanga didn’t last long. It was really lame, but at the time, most people I knew had one. After using it for a little while I hated it, and started only using it for quotes. So I quickly abandoned it, along with everyone I knew. I still had my lj. I created a lj for my writing, which I only posted in it once or twice and then really didn’t do much writing anymore. Last year I created another lj for weight loss. I used it for a couple weeks and just fell out of it. When I moved here Summer 07, I really haven’t used my main lj much. So on New Years Day, I was talking to Angela and she told me about her “new” blog. That she had pretty much abandoned lj and was using bs and that I should too. So I deleted 2 of my 3 ljs and created this blog. I write a lot more here. I still use my lj to read the customers suck community. This blog feels like a new life.


Miranda said...

Fantastic! I've already got Angela in my reader, and I"ll add you too.

I'm looking to have a "fresh" start on my blog as well—I kinda started and didn't have time to keep going. It IS good to have other bloggers to encourage you—I look forward to reading more!

Angela said...

Thanks for the shout out!!