Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hodge Podge

We ate breakfast at First Watch again. Mmmm. Last week was the first time I’d ever been there. Where we were sitting last time, we could see into the kitchen. On the menu it said, “Made from scratch, never from a mix.” Yet in the kitchen we could see lots of bags of pancake mix.

I hate it. I always have a million things to write here, but when I get here I can’t think of anything to say. Angela suggested carrying around a notebook to write stuff down, which I do. I write a lot in it during work. But a lot of what I think of, I think while I am driving so I can’t write it down.

We’re watching Legion now. Why are people in horror movies so dumb?!? I wish they would make a horror movie where the people are really smart, they may still end up dead, at least they don’t do stuff like in this movie, jump off the roof of a restaurant into a crowd of zombies or whatever they are. Or like in Jeepers Creepers where the girl couldn’t drive a stick yet it was her car. It’s weird seeing Lucas Black in it. We have watched probably half the episodes of American Gothic, a tv show from 95. He was soo cute with a cute accent.

GO COWBOYS!! Way to beat the hawks! It was a good day for the good guys. KU lost KSU won. wooo GO CATS

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Miranda said...

Oh, I feel you on the First Watch debacle—I can't stand that place. We avoid it at all costs.

I also think of everything while I'm driving—I usually forgetting it all by the time I stop driving! Eyeroll.