Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Today was pretty good. I got my present 3 weeks ago, my kitty. We did errands this afternoon. I got Mike a bamboo plant in a ceramic vase with froggies on it. We then went to Starbucks cause he wanted a a chai tea. I got a Banana Chocolate Smoothie. It wasn’t very good. The banana was overly strong and tasted like they hadn’t used ripe bananas. We went to PetSmart to get the kitty soft paws and a tag with her name on it. We ran into a couple of our friends there so we talked to them for a while. When we got home, the garage door opener decided to break which sucks. Just glad nothing broke off and hit my car. Then we made dinner. Mmmmmm. I made red velvet cakes and smores bars. Mike made Gordon Ramsey’s Lamb with lentils and beans, mushroom risotto. Had garlic artisan bread and wine. It was the bessssttttttt risotto ever!! We watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith while eating

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