Monday, March 8, 2010

Food Snob

First, I wanna say, totally awesome giveaway at Fab Brunette’s Blog!!!

So I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, and after reading Angela’s I thought now was the perfect time. To summarize hers: Box Mixes and ready made stuff sucks and people are lazy.

I was in 4-H from 7-17, I was in foods the entire time. I like to cook and bake. I didn’t really do it much until Jan. Angela got me into it more, her and all the super cute Valentine’s Day baking stuff. My amazing cupcakes have turned me into a snob when it comes to food. There is a guy at work, I’m gonna call Dan, that brings in cakes and stuff on Thursdays. It used to be for everyone, now mainly just for his little posse, which is a blessing. At first I really liked that it was only for his group because hey! Less temptation when I don’t need to eat that crap. Now after my baking rebirth, I am doubly thankful that I don’t have to eat that box mix crap. One time, Sydney, brought in some cupcakes. I looked at them and could smell right away they were from a box mix. Later I was grabbing my snack out of my lunch box and Dan and Roy were in the lunch room for a break. Dan said “Andi prolly brought these in.” I said "no, I don’t use a box mix.” Of course in a I’m better than everyone attitude. And Roy said “Well, they smell good anyway.” No, no they didn’t. And every time Dan brings in cake, I smell it, and it smells horrible. I couldn’t eat it if I wanted. One time, I think Martin brought in some cupcakes from a bakery. I tried one cause I knew it wasn’t from a box mix. Still, no where near as good as mine.

I can’t stand box mixes now.The smell yuck!

And my man’s (shameless plug, go read his blog! and comment) cooking has spoiled me too. We had gone to this Italian restaurant, that was pretty good. So for my next birthday, I wanted to go there again. It’s a buffet so, tried lots of different stuff. I had loved the salad before so that was mainly why I wanted to go back. I tried some of their Alfredo. It was complete crap compared to my man’s food. There are lots of foods like that, he cooks better than restaurants. It’s awesome, except I eat too much of it.

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Angela said...

Stephen has totally spoiled me with good food too! So much so that I can't stand cooking for myself. I even get Stephen make simple things like bacon for me, haha!