Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Mice, One Trunk

Yesterday I wrote about how I decided after 30 days of no meat, I need meat. I am a Midwestern girl, and we love meat. Barbecue is a big part of this town. Someone commented with a link to that Pain In The Ass group about meat. It made me a little mad, cause I don’t want that crap on my blog cause I don’t like them and I am a full member of the REAL group, People Eating Tasty Animals. In my mind I had written a big rant about this. But then I got thinking and because of the rain in a good mood, and really wanted some comedy in my blog so I’m going to tell a funny story instead involving animals (you dirty rat).

                This would have been hilarious to watch, kinda wish someone would have been around to video tape it but alas there wasn’t so I will just tell it. So, in 2004 I got my first car that was actually mine. I loved that car and had it until the day before Thanksgiving this past year, when I totaled it. There was one minor problem with the car that I found after having it for a couple of weeks. I had a bag of Kit Kats in my trunk and when I opened my trunk, I found the bag shredded. Yes, dear readers, I had mice living in my car. Two mice. One I was able to catch easily with one of those humane traps where they go in and never come out and you set free later.

                The other one wasn’t as easy, it wouldn’t go into the trap super new house. So I tried using a glue trap, which worked. The mouse got stuck to the glue trap, but was able to get part of it’s body onto the carpet of the trunk and stuck to it. So, I grabbed my ice scrapper to help scrape him off. I picked up the other end of the trap and put the scrapper under his body. Every time he would twitch, I would freak out and run backwards about 10 feet squealing. Rinse and repeat for about 30 minutes. This had to be the funniest thing ever to watch, even I had to laugh at myself.