Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Bunnies

So I was mowing the lawn tonight and found yet another nest of bunnies.


This time it was in the ground in the backyard. I had seen a bunny in the neighbor’s yard watching me
intently, I think that was the momma. I mowed over the nest before realizing it was there.
Obviously it did not hurt these cuties.


I had found 2 others in the ground in the backyard on Easter.


So this makes number 4 of nests, that I know about and so far.


I wanted to pet them really bad, but know that’s not a good idea.
One time, my mom found a nest and since she touched them, we cared for them
since the mom wouldn’t have taken em back. There were 4. One day we checked them and
there was only 2. They ate each other. With the last nest we found, there was still one
dead at one point and then he was gone. I think they ate him, something did.