Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Today is my 25th birthday. We went to St Louis to celebrate, this past weekend. I will post some pics once I get the chance to look through them all. There’s at least 2,000, so might be a while.

1. If given the opportunity, would you choose a mediocre job that paid well or your dream job that paid poorly?
That’s hard. I think I have the first one right now. I don’t make a ton, of course think I deserve more but it’s not bad. I like my job, I just can’t stand the stupid people. I guess I’m shallow, I want the money.

2. What is your favorite thing about the 4th of July? (For the foreigners: What is your impression of the 4th of July?)
Just being with people I love. This 4th was just me and the man and it was great. We didn’t watch fireworks. Though we did go to Ulysses S Grant’s home, that was pretty patriotic.

3. What’s the most random fact you know about American history?
I learned this weekend that Ulysses Grant’s family was anti-slavery and he married a women whose family had slaves. That’s quite interesting. Oh and at Mt Vernon, George Washington’s home, he had a 16 sided barn so that the mules or horses or whatever would keep walking in a circle to grind the wheat or whatever grain it was, cause if there had been corners, they would have just gone and stood in the corner.

4. What is the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen?
I guess Wamego’s fireworks. Though it’s a really small town they always put on a good show. Then probably like 10 years now, Manhattan started trying to compete, only went the first year, wasn’t as good. One year we were laying right by the fence to keep away from the pyro, we were so close, the ash was falling on us.

Though, the year I turned 16, we were in Utah. We went to my brother-in-law’s grandparents house. From their backyard, we could see 5 different cities fireworks, that was really cool.

5. Who taught you how to put on makeup? 
Nobody taught me. I suck at it. I hardly ever wear make up. My mom never wore make up or heals or anything girly. My sister wore make up, but she is 13 years older than me and so by the time I was interested in make up, she was gone. If going out with friends, I have them help me if possible. I' want to be more girly, but I don’t have many friends :(. 

6. Have you ever gone through a financial planning process? Tell us about it.
Not really, nope.

7. What was your favorite outfit as a kid? Bonus points for pictures. 
I had these purple jeans with this sweater that matched with like purples and pinks and blues and designs. I wore it for a week straight one time. 

8. Do you prefer a beach, lake, swimming pool, or no water?
Living in the middle of nowhere, there are no beaches or oceans. I don’t really like going into lakes, like Budnick from Salute your shorts said “Fish fart in the water.” I like pools. The one time i went into the ocean it was fun.

9. Do you recycle? If not, why?
Sometimes. We’re horrible about remembering to do so. Though we do have a container the city provides for recycling.

10. What are your thoughts and feelings about the Twilight Saga
I don’t get it. I had absolutely no interest in watching the movies. The man was curious about them and made me watch the first one. A woman at work made me read the first book. It was horrible. Most books, there’s so much in them that a lot is left out of the movie, nope not this, it was the exact which is sad. Whoever taught Meyer’s about adjectives needs to be beaten. She is a horrible writer. I saw part of the second movie, once again because of the man, didn’t make it through. It makes me sad.

It’s sad when women in their 40s and 50s are obsessed with it, like the women at work. If it was reverse, and 40 year old men ogling the girls instead of 40 year old women ogling boys, it would be wrong and perverse. But this one no one says anything about it.