Monday, October 18, 2010

Ghost Tour


Friday night, we went on the Fort Leavenworth Ghost Tour. It was a blast. As you can see, the base has been in operation since 1827, it is the oldest running fort west of the Mississippi. I think the best part, was one of our tour guides told us some of her own stories, and I think she was from Australia so had a super cool accent.

Fort Leavenworth 001

She told us she had a ghost that would always open their pantry door at night, even if they latched it. She had like everyday everyone gossips about the ghostly activity going on.


Fort Leavenworth 011      Fort Leavenworth 014

This is the Disciplinary Barracks. The tall building right behind the guy, there is an elevator shaft where lights are seen on where there isn’t any electricity. Also, 14 German soldiers were hung in it and be seen there.

Fort Leavenworth 012

There is a swing set that they say is haunted, that one of the swings is constantly seen swinging while the other 3 are still. When we saw the swing set, I was the first to notice the swing was moving and got excited. We started to move closer to get a better view, when the tour guides were like “Don’t get any closer.” So we were very suspicious why they would say that, so we decided to go investigate once the tour was over. I was stoked for this and really wanted a picture of me on that swing. Well, we got to the swing set, and next to it was a little hill with what looked like a tornado shelter. In the entry way to the shelter, there was a teenage girl squatting down. The weirdest part of that, there was a cat with her sitting perfectly still. As soon as she saw us, the swing stopped moving. So it was cool to debunk that like a real ghost hunter, but also disappointing that they faked it. I wish I would have taken a picture of her and the cat.

Fort Leavenworth 021
The Rookery, they had a fog machine, so not real ghosts in the pic.

Though, I think we did have a real experience. After the swing incident, we headed back to the car to leave. Mike was quite a bit behind us, to take some pictures of a statue. We were walking by the building we were parked near, that might have been a school, not sure. Me, Rita, and Mike heard a voice. Couldn’t make out what was said, but it sounded like a young girl and kind of giggling. Mike even heard it. There were no other people around when heard it. So we said next year we are going to take a digital voice recorder and a video camera and maybe we can get some real proof.