Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So to follow up yesterday's post, I wanted to follow up with one of the stories they told us on the ghost tour.

Catherine is said to haunt 16 Sumner. Catherine was a woman that traveled the Oregon trail. They stopped at Fort Leavenworth to visit her sister. Her two children set out one morning to get wood for the fire. They were gone all day, and still gone when night fell. Catherine and her husband grabbed the neighbors and started looking for the children. They searched for three days and nights and didn't find them. Catherine kept going down by the Missouri river to search for them. It was late in the year and beginning to get cold. Catherine never stopped looking for her children and died that winter of pneumonia.

Turns out, the near by Indian tribe had seen the children at the river and thought they were lost so took them back to their camp to take care of them. When spring came back around, the Indians returned the children to the fort of course Catherine had Already died thinking her children had been drowned in the river.

Catharines ghost is said to haunt hat house and take care of the children. At one point a family with a young son lived in the house. The son was too young to read and somehow knew the history of the area. When asked how he knew, he told his parents the woman in black would read to him at night. One night after they tucked him in for he night, they noticed the light was on in his room coming under he door. So they snuck up the stairs and into he room and he ghost disappeared. But in the chair was a book hey didn't recognize. The son was upset because the ghost had told him if his parents ever saw her she would never come back. So the family had an exorcism, but the ghost just went next door.

They say in the 70's there was a family with a teenage son that played soccer. One night after dinner he had a game so they didn't have time to do he dishes first. When they got home from the game, all of the dishes has been cleared off and stacked ready to be put in he dish washer. Babysitters and grandparents always feel like being pushed away from children because Catherine believes she can take better care of the children than they can.

That is the story of Catherine. I would welcome her in my home any time if she keeps my kitchen clean. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop