Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Calm Down

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So as I lay in bed last night, I got thinking about what a friend told me. She said I need to calm down. She told me this after telling her all the crafty ideas I have and want to complete.

Last night I realized she was right. I get an idea and get really excited about it. I love making jewelry, and spend at least $60 each time I order supplies. I got the idea to make a dress for my friend’s wedding, since it’s at Ren Fest. Since I’ve never sewed that much I decided I needed to start smaller with shirts and skirts. This weekend I bought about 15 patterns and some fabric. Though the patterns were only $.99, no way I would have spent $20 for a pattern.

At the end of last week I was exhausted. And I realized I was pushing myself too hard at the gym. I ran three days in a row, had yoga on Thursday, so when I wanted to run again Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I was just too worn out. Every training schedule I’ve seen says to run every other day. So I’m changing to that, they will be the days I do strength training. And walk longer after running, before going to strength training. I did this last night, and already noticed a difference.

So really I just need to realize, I’m not superwoman.



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ixy said...

I do this too. It's hard to realize you can't do it all!

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