Monday, April 18, 2011

Mental Health Monday

I found this great blog hop hosted by WordsinSync, Mental Health Monday.


For as long as I can remember, I have had some degree of anxiety. When I was real young, about elementary school age, I would have a hard time sleeping because of it. When I would lay in bed at night, if I thought of an item and wonder where it was, I could not fall asleep until I had gotten out of bed and physically touched that item.

Middle school and high school the anxiety never really bothered me. Then in college, I was in the marching band. Everyday we had practice I would pack everything I needed and head out the door. Several times during the day while walking between classes I would have to stop to check I had everything.

In the work force, I have this slight anxiety that I have to do everything correctly the first time. But last year I had the worst anxiety ever. My neighbor is a selfish jerk, and would be super loud everyday having sex. After listening to this for a couple of months, my anxiety got really bad. Everywhere I went, if I heard the slightest creak, I would tense up, expecting it to be them. I also couldn’t fall asleep at night, expecting to hear them any second. One night I texted my friend, how badly I wanted to fall asleep but was scared to.

I had several anxiety attacks during work. It was so hard to breathe and just felt like I was going to cry. Focusing on something at work, and getting my mind off of it helped a little. The first medication the doctor put me on made this attacks more frequent. I suffered on that medication for about a month, then she had the brilliant idea to put me on medication with more anxiety fighter. Researching the first med, one of the side effects was anxiety.

I’ve gone to the doctor and gotten medication now that seems to be helping. It helps that the neighbors are being fairly quiet which probably helps the most. I’ve been trying to go to the gym regularly and doing yoga.

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NANCY said...

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Are You A Mom said...

Great Blog! Glad you are feeling better! Following you from the hop...please stop by and say hi

Giggle, Laugh, Cry said...

Hi ! Found you on the I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop!
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Sandra Collins said...

Thanks for commenting on and following my blog. My anxiety started as soon as I got pregnant - it has been better and then worse over the last 12 years. What medication are you taking?

shah said...

Hey - great to see you linked up over at Wordsinsync Monday Madness. Welcome to our little community. I'm following you. Anxiety and panic is awfully debilitating if not controlled - glad you seem to have it in hand. Shah .X