Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Facts

- In elementary was the first time I heard of Prince William. I immediately thought he was hot. But I was deterred that he is 3 years older than me and at the time thought that was a huge difference so would have to settle for Harry.

- There are billboards all around the area for which tells you the wait time in ERs in the area. My question is: if you truly need to go to the ER how do you have time to get online to find the shortest wait time? Wouldn't you get to the closest one?

- I plan on doing a lot of beading and jewelry work in the next month or so in hopes of finally opening an etsy shop.

- I saw a baby bunny by the porch this morning. So cute!

- I need to mow the lawn, hopefully don't run into any bunny nests

- this next week needs to go fast.

- I have been asked to make cupcakes for my friends sons 1st birthday
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Miranda said...

I'm pretty sure the first time I realized who William and Harry were was when Diana died. I remember the night because our washer/dryer was broke and we were at the laundromat watching the news.

Don't get me started on the ER thing—I roll my eyes every time I hear that commercial.

Lola said...

I love your blog name and your graphic with the cat. :) This post is a lot like what I post on Tuesdays in my "Joys and Concerns" section. -Lola