Friday, May 27, 2011

Fighting Hate

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So this morning I was listening to the Johnny Dare Morning show.
He was talking to Lisa Lampanelli and I have to say, She is pretty much amazing.
She did a show in Topeka KS. Being home of the Westboro Baptist "Church", they of course had
to show up to protest the show. She said this made her really mad and wanted to do something to get back
at them for their hatred.
So she did probably one of the worst things she could do. She pledged to donate $1000 to the Gay Men's Health Crisis
for every protester that showed up. Her driver counted 44 protesters, Fred's people say they had 48 protesters.
Instead of arguing about the number of protesters, she donated an even $50,000 to the center. On the novelty check she presented them
she included "Donation made possible by the WBC."
This is the best way I have heard of fighting the WBC. They thrieve on hate and suing everybody. so instead of
stooping to their level this is amazing. Of course I've heard they are planning on protesting in Joplin, so maybe
a celebrity could do the same and donate the money to helping Joplin...

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