Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inspirational Thursday

So, I am trying something new today. Hopefully this works.


This weeks quotes are from the first season of Beauty and the Geek. I loved this show. Me and my friends would get together to watch it every week. Here are some of my favorite quotes from it:


Lauren: I think I'm pretty smart. I think my IQ's probably about.... 500!


Cheryl: What's the date of D-Day? 1942? 1942 is when Columbus sailed the ocean blue.


Brad: [To Erika] I've never played Doctor before. Is that similar to Go Fish?


Joe: And then I went into chopping, and then fisting. These terms sound a lot more vulgar than they actually are.


Bill: Cars are my first love, because...unlike girls...they don't talk back


Richard: I don't know what a size zero means! A zero means you don't exist!


Richard: [About a swimsuit thong] This is floss for a giant


Richard: If there was a mountain lion that came after the six of us, I would feed it Chuck. And then I would cower.


Richard: I don't see why people camp at all. You go out to the field, you bring everything from your house, so why don't you just stay in your house and then everybody's happy?


Mindi: [About Richard during the final elimination ceremony] He got a hangover from drinking Listerine



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