Friday, May 20, 2011

Kid's Say the Darnest Things

Tomorrow is my nephew's 18th birthday. Man, that makes me feel so old. Though I was only 7 when he was born.  I wish I had some pictures of him when he was a baby to go along with this post, but I don't. So I'm just going to share a few of the really cute things he said when he was younger.

At one point, my sister and her family moved to Utah.  I wanna say my nephew was about 4 or 5 at the time. So my brother went with them to help them move. On the way out there, they stopped to eat somewhere. While they were eating my nephew turned to my brother and said: "You're a monkey's uncle."

One time they were visiting Kansas, while living in Utah. We had a box of glazed doughnuts. He would have been 6 at the time. When he saw the doughnuts he said: "This is my favorite kind of doughnut! I didn't know they had this kind of doughnut in Kansas!"

One time when asked if he wanted ice in his water: "No, cause ice just turns into water anyways."

He would always walk around and say: "And I caught a fish it was *hand motions* This big"

At one point they moved to Oklahoma, about an hour from Norman. Our family is a big K-State family. Even my brother in law who is a Utah native. So living in OK, he came to despise the University of Oklahoma. So the day of the Big XII championship in 2003, OU vs KSU, they three of them were walking around town all wearing K-State. And then when K-State won, he asked if he could wear a K-State shirt to school on Monday.
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