Friday, February 12, 2010

Captain’s Blog 21210

So I thought only dogs chased their tails. Not so!! I was laying in bed holding the cat, she was on her back. She was swinging her tail and watching it. I was thinking how cool would it be if she started chasing her tail. She ran away for a little bit then jumped back into the bed. She started by doing her normal thing of attacking our feet under the blanket. When all of the sudden she went crazy and started chasing her tail. After running around the house for a while, she came back and jumped on the bed and attacked Mike’s balls. It was the funniest thing ever. I laughed til I cried.  She’s crazy. Like she likes to come into the bathroom while I’m in the shower and watch me. Also, last night while I was in the shower, Mike was laying in bed playing on his lappy. She ran in here, jumped on the bed between the lappies, onto Mike’s back, then off the bed, back out of the room and down the steps. The only explanation I have is her cat nip fish. Though it never affected her before. Just the past couple nights she uses the house as a race track.

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