Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mars > Earth

So I was reading National Geographic the other day. I read an article about settling on Mars. I would so live there! Here are a couple of facts:


  Earth Mars
Rotation Period (Day) 23.9 hours 24.6 hours
Revolution Period (Year) 365.2 days 686.9 days
Average Temperature 59*F -81*F
Gravity 1G .4G

So we would have more time in the day! We would age slower because a year would be almost twice as long so you would be half as old. The temperature would totally suck though. I hate cold. Though there wouldn’t be any moisture in the atmosphere so no snow! A lot less gravity so you would weigh a lot less than you do here!!

Sucky part, it would take 200 years to warm Mars to above freezing. Though they talked about needing to put greenhouse gases into the air there like we do here, I’m sure if people were there living like we do here with SUV’s and aerosol cans we could get the temperature up in no time!

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