Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today I finished reading Emma by Jane Austen. It was really good. Just sucked that I didn’t get used to the old fashioned writing style til about page 300 of 390. It was slow going until that point. I admit at first I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, so I looked up the plot on Wikipedia. It makes me long to experience life back then. To know if they were really always so formal with each other. It felt to me that men and women never really had much alone time to form their “attachments” and become engaged and married. I especially envy the part, where they could go on vacation for at least a fortnight or longer. I wish I could just take off for a fortnight. I wish I had another Jane Austen book to read next since I just got used to the style of writing. But alas, I have a million other books to read that my mom just brought me. One is called The Mormon Murders, sounds interesting. Or The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murders. Or I just bought a book written by Stephen King’s wife and some other guy. Or I also just bought Jodi Piccoult’s newest book Harvesting the Heart. I have about 10 other books my mom brought me. decisions. decisions.

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