Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comedians make good ghost hunters…

So today was day 3 of my experiments. Last night I came to the conclusion, going to bed at 10 doesn’t help. Monday night I went to bed shortly after 9, and when I got home from work, I fell asleep for probably an hour or so. So I stayed up til like 11. Next week I still want to try to get up about 5 to work out before work.

More importantly, today was day 3 of my trial vegetarianism. So far so good. Last week, before I decided to do this, we had gotten some Boca burgers cause I wanted to try them. I had one for lunch on Monday, my first. And it was absolutely delicious! I stopped by Target on the way home from work Monday. I wanted to get more Boca burgers, but sadly they didn’t have any. But! I did find Vita Tops, which I’ve wanted to try for a long time now thanks to Hungry Girl. I got deep chocolate and soooo good. Then yesterday Hungry Girl had a link to get a variety of vita tops with free shipping. So I ordered two of the variety packs. They have 20 vita tops plus two vita hearts. Can’t wait to get them! Also at Target they had 12oz bags of frozen veggies for a dollar, so I got a couple of those. And dollar Pepsi two liters. Great deals! I bought some 3lb weights to do Jillian Michaels 30day shred. I’m going to try to start this weekend.

I’m watching Celebrity Paranormal Project. The first episode creeped me out. But the other ones I’ve watched haven’t been as bad. The first one they were in the Waverly Hills Insane Asylum. Not nearly as cool as when Ghost Hunters went there. Celebrities scream too much and get scared too easily. I’m on episode three and so far each episode has had a person from Bay Watch on it. This one has Picabo Street, she’s so cool. I just wish M would get home soon. The cat isn’t helping. She keeps looking at the stairs and gets wide eyed. oh and the rest of the quote from my subject “because ghosts have a good sense of humor.” Said by comedian Godfrey, who was the black Zoolander.