Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Today was an interesting day. Started out sucky. Nothing completely horrible just annoying. I saw on tv there was an accident on the highway and they weren’t letting people go the way I normally do so I had to go long way around. I didn’t have time to get coffee before I left, so I had to drink nasty work coffee. It always does weird things to me, makes me jittery. Then I got to work and warm my toaster strudel. Tuesday the toaster didn’t warm it enough so today I put it in the microwave and overcooked it. And of course today like the only day there wasn’t pastries. I had thought about stopping at QT and coffee and I wish I had. QT is fucking rad. Except they don’t have their banana split cappuccino anymore which was the best coffee EVAR.

I took my camera to work and got a lot of good pics. I haven’t looked at them on my puter yet. They were destroying a building across the street so took a lot of pics of that. I started the 365 Project and so far so good. I started a flickr account not really liking it. Might go back to photobucket.

On the way home from work I listened to the basketball game. Stupid BYU game went into double over time so my game was an hour late. It was weird, hearing the band in the background, doing the cheers and moves got me choked up and almost cried. I didn’t get to listen to a lot of the game cause my radio at work is retarded. It would only come in clear was if my hand was on top of it, made it hard to make it even look like I was working.

Last night was the first hurdle in the vegetarian experiment. When the man got home from CO, he still hadn’t eaten, and it was like 10:30 or so. So he went out and got burger king and it smelled sooooo good. I almost asked for a bite like I usually do, then I remembered I can’t. So I had a little of the bun. Which is probably still not allowed since it touched meat but I dont care. It was yummy.

I have started trying to toilet train the cat. We had been thinking about it for a while.Then tonight I was cleaning out her litter box and she was hanging around being all arrogant and stuff. Saying things like “you missed a spot” and “don’t forget that piece” “faster slave!” so yea I was like that’s it, you need to use the toilet now.