Friday, March 26, 2010

No kitteh! My Cheesy Poofs!

So one thing that we think about a lot is food. I have been thinking about it a lot especially with trying out vegetarianism.  And also cause of people’s quirks at work in regard to food.

Example 1: Dan used to bring in food, like cake, pie, cookies, brownies, whatever for everyone. Lately, he only brings it in for a select few. Why did he suddenly change his behavior to only those in his tea party? I don’t know. This is actually good for me, cause I don’t eat it. Also, it’s cake box mixes, yuck!

Example 2: Every morning, I go over to shipping to look through what shipped the day before and get what info I need. Most Fridays, Sam or Marvin, brings in donuts. So last Friday, I went over like usual, and when I walked in the door, Betty was there getting a donut. When she saw me, she glared at me with a look that said “What the hell are you doing here? These aren’t for you.” Even though she didn’t buy them or anything.

Example 3: About once a month, we have classes here, and so they cater food for the class. Betty really doesn’t do anything for the class to deserve getting a lunch, but she does. And boy does she guard that food. She always has to be the first person to get her food, even before the people in the class. I’m not involved with the class so I don’t get this lunch, which I’m glad cause the food is disgusting. (We had a lunch for everyone once after inventory and yuck! It’s Betty’s like sister in law I think, some relative.)  Whenever I got back to get my lunch out of the fridge, she glares at me and makes sure I don’t take any. I don’t want your nasty food beotch!

Example 4: When above mentioned classes started, more people were getting lunches than should. Now, pretty much it’s Betty, Al (who teaches the class), and people in the class. Before it was Betty, Al, Wilma, Dan, Frank, Sigfried, Conner, and probably a couple others. These extra people didn’t do anything for the class, except like Wilma and Dan, but it’s part of their job. Wilma made a PO. Ohh that takes a whole minute to do! So much time spent on it. But again like example 1, certain cliques got food and nobody else.

Example 5: One time, the company was getting pizza for lunch for everyone on a Friday. We knew about this a couple days ahead of time. Wilma was taking a vacation day that Friday. I heard Wilma and Betty talking in the lunch room, Betty told Wilma she should come into work for free food anyway. I'm thinking, really? Are we that desperate for food to come in just for lunch on a day off?!?!

What is it about us as humans to react this way? This is America; there is enough food for everyone. Why are they so protective over it? It reminds me of a pack of wild dogs or lions growling at anything that gets close to their food.  Also, Betty, is a very over weight woman, which might explain a little about why she is so protective over food.