Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Belly Dance

This past weekend I traveled to the great place of Manhappiness. It was a long hard journey, one that I hate making, especially alone. I used to drive this stretch like every week. Anyway, I made this journey for Little Apple, Big Shimmies. I knew this would probably be my only chance to dance with a couple of my friends before they all headed far away, so I went. There were two workshop classes in the morning. The first one was a Bollywood dance, and was frickin awesome. I loved it. The teacher was great, energetic and excited.

            The second class was I guess just like some basic moves. I don’t know. I didn’t like this one. The teacher went sooooo slow. Like she had us go over the same simple move for like half an hour to make sure we got it. I didn’t really participate in this one too much because after and hour and half of the first class and only fifteen minute break, my feet were killing me, since we were barefoot on hard floor.

            I plan on taking more Bollywood classes, since lucky me!, they teach really close to where I work. Just googled it, 5miles south, yet 15minutes. Crazy. I had lunch with the two teachers, they are really nice and cool, one a little loud and eccentric, but that’s cool.

            After lunch was the show case, where people performed. I didn’t, cause I haven’t been dancing that long. But it was really cool to see the costumes and dances. One trio danced to disco.

I was good and didn’t spend nearly as much money as I thought I would. There were only like six vendors, but they had some really cool stuff. All I bought was a bead necklace that was made by some tribe in Africa. And super cute pink hip scarf that is very jingly! Yay jingles.