Friday, April 9, 2010

OMG Shoes

I need new tennis shoes. But it is so hard to find comfortable ones. I remember in elementary all I wanted was Nike’s and my mom wouldn’t buy them for me until middle school. From then now, that was the only brand I would wear. Since college, I can not find comfortable Nike’s. The majority I try on, it feels like the arch of the shoe is clear up under my balls. Annoying. I’m sure everyone can agree with me, walking around with something under your balls, totally not fun. To make matters worse I have foot problems, not sure what exactly cause I haven’t been to a doctor, but they hurt a lot. So I try to find really comfy soles. I had bought a pair of New Balance that were fairly comfortable, but that didn’t last long. The last couple of times we’ve gone to Kohl’s, I’ve looked at their shoes and was very disappointed. They didn’t have much of a selection and what they did have was out of my price range or ugly.  I have thought about inserts, but I haven’t found any good ones. In college, for marching band I actually had two insoles in my shoes. The shoes were terribly uncomfortable, and wearing them close to 12hrs on a game day was killer. Many a game did I get home and not be able to walk, or walk like an old lady, hunched over and very slowly.

Without comfortable shoes, it is impossible to exercise. I really want be able to run a 5k. The most I’ve ever run, was a mile straight. And that has only happened once, and only because I had a friend next to me the entire time encouraging me. The last 1/8 of mile was the hardest. My body wanted to stop, I felt like I was going to puke. I had to keep telling myself I can do it and I did. And it was amazing.