Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Horse Show

This Saturday we went to see my friend Kim, in her second horse show. I wasn’t able to go to the first, as I had belly dance. She didn’t do very well at it. This one she did awesome.


She got 4th place where they judged the horse.


And 7th when they judged the rider. She got 4th place where they judged the horse

This horse was gorgeous.



Mangy barn dog and another gorgeous horse.

Another girl riding Kim’s horse, Honor. Getting him warmed up for jumps.

I’ve been to several horse shows this year, this I liked the most. The horses looked normal, and the riders clothes were what I am used to seeing. The other ones, they were $100,000 dollar horses, so their legs were really thin. Bred to perfection. Ick. There were so many gorgeous horses at this show. Can’t wait til next year for more shows.