Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fage Greek Yogurt


I’ve become a Bzz Agent. I had the opportunity to try Fage Greek Yogurt.

I eat Greek Yogurt pretty much everyday. I like to mix a Chocolate Vita Top in it to help out the flavor. Honestly, I tried Fage a couple years ago, I got the honey flavor, and I thought it was horrible. But now I see all of the different flavors, unique combinations not found with any other yogurt, I had to try it.

So when I got the invite to try Fage, I was very excited. I got some Passion Fruit Clementine yogurt and kiwi Papaya Passion Fruit. My sister in law got the Cherry Pomegranate yogurt. We absolutely loved them!


It’s really fun to tip the flavor cup over and dump it into the yogurt. I will definitely be buying more of this in the future! I really want to try the mango Guanabana and blueberry Acai flavors!

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